Its not too late to save the country.

Our democracy may be weak, say some, broken say others. But within the next few weeks we will have the only tool in the toolbox that allows big changes: the vote. I suggest we use it.

The 18% 14% 11% who will vote for the status quo are unlikely to be rescued from their folly, and good luck to them. This is a democracy and its their right.  The other 89%, including me, presumably want to make a good choice

I figure “If you don’t ask, you won’t get”. Below is a link to the text of a letter I will to send to every candidate looking for my vote. I’ve heard a lot of people say, “sure what can I do” when confronted with the absurd situation we find ourselves in. So here this one thing we can do.

I’m not an economist, but neither are the people I’m writing to. So its a bit light on the details, and I admit its mostly stolen for folks smarter than I, but ideas that add up as far as I can see. I hope that they appreciate imitation as the best form of flattery 🙂

There are three points at the top of the letter that I think most people can agree on. You’re welcome to use this letter as is, write your own version, write about something else you care about. I authored it but I claim no ownership, the point is to engage, and not give anyone a free pass in to office.

I suggest you do the same and get your friends to do the same. If you do, think about printing, signing and posting a real letter, not an email. Real objects are more impressive and harder to ignore than emails, and something through the post will get more attention than something wrapped around a brick thrown through the window… No need not to be civil about this after all.